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4 Tips for Choosing a Stylish Bathroom Vanity

4 Tips for Choosing a Stylish Bathroom Vanity
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4 Tips for Choosing a Stylish Bathroom Vanity

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When it comes time to remodel a room in your family’s home, you want to make smart choices about things like aesthetics, but also about storage – especially in the bathroom where free space is scant in such a traditionally small room. In this respect, choosing the right vanity is just as important as choosing the right toilet, bathtub faucets, or granite tile. It is essential to the bathroom, whether it is an area reserved for guests or being used by the entire family.

Regardless of whether the bathroom is for you to use off a master bedroom, or if is tucked in a hallway and reserved for guests, you need to consider how much storage is needed for that room. While the former might need space for hair and skin products, extra toiletries, and other personal items, the latter might only need a door behind which to hide a few spare rolls of toilet tissue and soap refills.

You also want a style of bathroom vanity cabinet that complements the aesthetics in the décor of the room. For example, you will want a color that will not clash with the paint on the walls or the tile around the tub or on the floor. Here are some tips to help you get a better idea of how to choose a stylish vanity without sacrificing storage options.

  1. FOCAL POINT – The details on your stylish new vanity will make it the focal point of the bathroom. A bathroom vanity cabinet with a dramatic shape, interesting carvings on the legs, specialty hardware like drawer pulls and door knobs, or decorative moldings around the edges can make the cabinet seem more like high end furniture than functional necessity.
  2. AESTHETIC ACCESSORIES – You might decide you like the look of a tall cabinet with open storage. But does it meet the needs of your family? Too much open space becomes an opportunity to collect junk. (You know, such as with the term junk drawer?) Not enough space becomes a reason to clutter up the countertop or other shelves around the room. Look for drawer inserts, pull out hampers, and other accessories that look good while keeping you organized.
  3. CHOOSE AN EXTERIOR FINISH – A dark color can create a really dramatic look in a larger bathroom that gets a lot of natural light, but in a smaller bathroom or one that lacks a window to the outside world, the look it achieves is a space that is cramped and claustrophobic. Pick a lighter finish for those spaces, like pale ash or oak. A weathered paint job on a vanity cabinet, however, adds an antique, shabby chic look to bathrooms of any size.
  4. ECO FRIENDLY MATERIALS – Are you more concerned with earth friendliness than aesthetics? No worries because wood furniture is eco-friendly if the raw materials came out of land certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. You can also look for bathroom vanity cabinets that use bamboo, hemp, and other sustainable materials. This helps you stay green no matter what color paint coats the walls of your family’s bathroom.

Before going to the retailer to pick out a vanity, make a list about what you need in a bathroom cabinet. This should include things like space for hair products for all the teenage females in your house, a drawer that locks to hold medication in a bathroom used by the whole family, or a basket that holds bath time toys for a toddler.

Next make a list of everything you want in a bathroom vanity cabinet. This is where you go to your search engine bookmarks or Pinterest board and pull out all the stops on your wish lists. When you make the list, group the higher priority things together by placing an asterisk next to them, or marking them in some other way. This way you won’t forget anything when you sit down to talk to the retailer.

When time comes to visit the showroom, take some pictures of your existing bathroom. If possible, take samples of the floor, tile, and walls. Of course, samples may not be possible unless you are in the middle of a remodeling job. In that case, just take a few photos on your mobile phone. This will give the showroom representative a better idea of your bathroom vanity cabinet needs. It can also help you match up the right accessories and countertop to complement the cabinet that you do finally choose to fit the space.


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