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Are Double Bathroom Vanity Sinks Right for Your Home?

Are Double Bathroom Vanity Sinks Right for Your Home?
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Are Double Bathroom Vanity Sinks Right for Your Home?

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Have you ever peeked into a master bathroom and been surprised to find that the vanity has two sinks instead of one? You would be surprised at how many times this double sink comes in handy in bathrooms that can support a larger size vanity cabinet. If you have a growing family or share a bathroom with your partner, then you might find yourself thinking that the double sink vanity cabinet is one of the most practical upgrades that you could ever add to your home.

Some people try to avoid installation of a new cabinet by upcycling existing pieces of furniture, like a farmhouse table. They simply set the sinks into the tabletop and allow the pipes to show underneath. While this might work in a guest bathroom, or in a cozy bed and breakfast, it does not offer much in the way of countertop space and there is no storage underneath. Not to mention, the height of the counter is limited to the height of the table.

How to Find Out if a Double Sink Vanity Is for Your Bathroom

Double sink vanity cabinets work out the best in a bathroom where there is enough space to support the feature. If you are not sure, then ask a contractor to come in and give you a consultation that includes measuring your bathroom with a tape measure and arranging the space on graph paper.

This will let you see all the options you have. You might find that you can install a double bathroom vanity sink with little to no trouble, or you might find your family involved in a full scale renovation that involves moving a wall or switching the tub and toilet around to accommodate the new feature.

A contractor can also help you plan out according to standard bathroom specifications and codes. For example:

  • You should allow 30 inches or more between the tub or toilet and a sink when they are set on opposite walls in a bathroom.
  • The sink should be at least 12 inches from the center of the sink nearest the wall and the wall itself.
  • From the edge of the vanity cabinet, there should measure at least 15 inches to center of the toilet bowl.

A contractor can let you know about other building codes for bathrooms as well.

What to Expect When Adding a Double Sink Vanity

When adding a double sink vanity to your bathroom, you can expect to add new fixtures. You might choose to add a second set of faucets and other fittings to match the initial ones. On the other hand, you might choose to upgrade the faucets to get a pair that not only matches, but also offers benefits such as touch to turn on, water efficiency, and more.

When getting the vanity cabinet, the height is no longer limited to the shorter options of past generations of homes. The bathroom vanities of today offer new counter heights that are more ergonomically pleasing for those who use them. The higher vanities are friendlier for adults and other tall humans. These vanities also offer more storage area, which is an added plus when you have a wide vanity that accommodates double sinks.

However with a double vanity you can have the best of both worlds. If you have a large family with people who are multiple heights, or two people who share a bathroom when getting ready for work in the morning, then you could put the sinks at two different heights. This allows both short and tall people to use the space at the same time, or allows one person to stand over the taller sink while another sits at a vanity desk that offers space for a sink.

Installing the Plumbing for a Second Sink

Plumbing is one of those areas of home improvement and renovation where it is best to leave the work to a professional. You will save time and money, whether you go pro or do it yourself, when you install the second sink right next to the existing one. If you do go pro, then be sure to get at least two estimates from licensed plumbers.

Once you have the names of the plumbers you like, then check out their credentials and references before you decide who to hire. The work should take about a day if all goes well. In most situations, the existing lines from the current sink can be extended to allow use of the same vent. If not, then you should definitely seek advice from a pro.


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