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Renovating one’s home has nearly overtaken baseball as the great American pastime. A lot of money can be saved by buying a fixer-upper, described by a realtor as a handyman’s special, and then doing the work yourself. If you have ever upgraded your bathroom toilet or replaced your kitchen appliances for newer, more energy efficient models, then you know what it’s like to remodel.


Have you ever peeked into a master bathroom and been surprised to find that the vanity has two sinks instead of one? You would be surprised at how many times this double sink comes in handy in bathrooms that can support a larger size vanity cabinet. If you have a growing family or share a bathroom with your partner, then you might find yourself thinking that the double sink vanity cabinet is one of the most practical upgrades that you could ever add to your home.

Your Bathroom Vanity Cabinet Options

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Cambridge Dictionary defines the word vanity as “being too proud and interested in” one’s self, especially in regards to appearance. Is it any wonder that we chose to call the bathroom cabinet by such a cavalier term?

However the vanity cabinet in your family’s bathroom cannot survive on good looks alone, especially if several members of the family make use of the same facilities. Everyone in your house is practically guaranteed to use the bathroom at least twice a day – even more so if someone works from home or a parent stays home all day raising young children.


When it comes time to remodel a room in your family’s home, you want to make smart choices about things like aesthetics, but also about storage – especially in the bathroom where free space is scant in such a traditionally small room. In this respect, choosing the right vanity is just as important as choosing the right toilet, bathtub faucets, or granite tile. It is essential to the bathroom, whether it is an area reserved for guests or being used by the entire family.


A bathroom vanity described as comfort height measure 36 inches tall. This means they will be equal to how tall your kitchen cabinets are. By increasing how tall the vanity in your bathroom is to equate that of your kitchen cabinets, it places the sink and counter at an ergonomically friendly level which enhances the user experience.

This trend is one that has become more and more popular among homeowners and home builders throughout recent years. In today’s eco-friendly environment, there is a major shift to make things not only more earth-friendly, but also more user-friendly. Great strides are made to reduce stress to the human body, and a comfort height vanity is one of these measures taken toward that goal.


Whether out of necessity or because you want to invest your income tax return into your house, remodeling the bathroom is always exciting. Although the job might seem daunting, you will be surprised at how quick it actually goes once you have professionals on the scene.

Depending on your past experiences and what you hear from other homeowners, then you might be expecting the worst when it comes to remodeling jobs. While pipes that burst and plumbers with ill-fitting fashion choices make amusing stereotypes for half-hour television sitcoms, nobody wants to go through these situations in the real world.

3 Steps to a New Bathroom Vanity

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Remodeling your entire bathroom is a costly move for most homeowners. In addition to new bathroom appliances, you have to reroute the plumbing, install new tile, and other expensive projects as part of the overall renovation. You can change the whole look of the space, however just be upgrading to a new bathroom vanity cabinet.


When a homeowner buys a new vanity cabinet, that one feature lasts an average of two decades. For some homeowners that can be a lifetime and is why choosing a new bathroom vanity is a long-term choice that should not be taken lightly. It would be easy to go into a DIY center and choose a generic bathroom vanity that will get the job done – for now.

A Guide to Bathroom Vanities

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The vanity is an essential part of your family’s bathroom. It could range from a no frills, inexpensive unit to a costly piece of handmade cabinetry. Regardless of their style or price, all vanities have one thing in common – they must accommodate the needs of your family in regards to utilitarian essentials like hand washing or storing extra supplies.

How to Buy a Bathroom Vanity

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You might see a bathroom vanity as a place to store things, but this little cabinet is so much more. When it comes to buying a new one, there are a lot of things to consider. This article serves as your guide to buying a new bathroom vanity so that your choice is one that you will be happy with for years and years to come.

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