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How to Tell if a Comfort Height Vanity Is Right for Your Family

How to Tell if a Comfort Height Vanity Is Right for Your Family
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How to Tell if a Comfort Height Vanity Is Right for Your Family

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A bathroom vanity described as comfort height measure 36 inches tall. This means they will be equal to how tall your kitchen cabinets are. By increasing how tall the vanity in your bathroom is to equate that of your kitchen cabinets, it places the sink and counter at an ergonomically friendly level which enhances the user experience.

This trend is one that has become more and more popular among homeowners and home builders throughout recent years. In today’s eco-friendly environment, there is a major shift to make things not only more earth-friendly, but also more user-friendly. Great strides are made to reduce stress to the human body, and a comfort height vanity is one of these measures taken toward that goal.

The standard height for a vanity cabinet used in a bathroom will typically measure 32 inches tall. You may be thinking that is only four inches, and that four inches does not make that much of a difference. Go into a house that is more than ten years old and you might notice that you have to stoop a little, as using the older-style sink in a shorter vanity may even require hunching over if you are a very tall person.

Why Bathroom Vanity Heights Are Changing

Comfort height is not only a trend with bathroom vanity cabinets and countertops, but also with toilets and bathtubs as well. Bathroom cabinets are the same height as ones found in the kitchen to encourage better posture for a healthier spine, neck, and shoulders. Kitchen counters are 36 inches to make cooking preparations easier for adults.

So why are bathroom cabinets shorter? Think about it. While the kitchen is primarily a space used by adults, everyone in the house uses the bathroom. A shorter bathroom counter, even one that is only four inches shorter, would be something that is a better compromised height for both adults and children in the family to use.

Comfort height has become the new standard, not only with toilets but with vanities as well. The new, loftier vanity promotes a healthier overall posture. Kitchen countertops were designed to be at the hip of normal adults to make kitchen prep easy. Home builders first began lowering the height of bathroom vanities so that all members of the family could reach the sink, even small children.

Keep in mind that if your bathroom is used by a lot of shorter people or children, then counter height would not be ideal. Due to their tall stature, a comfort height bathroom vanity is anything but comfortable for small children. In fact, a comfort height bathroom vanity could be more difficult to use for hand washing or brushing teeth.

Making Comfort Height Vanities Work in Multi-Generational Houses

If you suffer from back pain then you are the perfect candidate for a comfort height vanity to be installed in your home. Because they are taller, you will not have to reach down quite so far to access the sink. This will greatly reduce back strain, which in turn promotes a healthy spine. After installing a 36 inch bathroom vanity cabinet, it will not take long for you to notice the difference.

If your house has multiple generations, even if it is just kids and parents, or adults and an aging parent, then you can accommodate everyone’s needs by installing more than one sink. It might sound complicated but if you have room for it, then having a double sink is rather handy. Adults can use the taller cabinet, while shorter grown-ups or children can access the shorter one. This allows everyone in the family, as well as guests of different ages and sizes, to make use of the sink that is the perfect height for their body size.

It might not be easy to tell if the new vanity is right for you. Grab an old appliance box, something short like a stove or dishwasher, and cut a piece out that is the height of your bathroom vanity cabinet. Set it next to your family’s existing bathroom cabinet and this process will give you a better idea of what it looks like installed.

Installing a taller vanity offers so many options to fit the style and look of your bathroom.  Bathroom vanity cabinets come in a wide range of sizes, shapes, colors, and so forth. The style you get not only has to be the right height, but it will also have to be the correct style to match the décor of the existing room as well.

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