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Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen Remodeling
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Complete Kitchen Remodeling


The Kitchen – Where relationships begin with a simple conversation – make yours say something meaningful!

When we conduct a free estimate of your kitchen, we take the opportunity to listen to what you have to say. We want to know what you want out of your newly remodeled kitchen, and we are here to answer all of your questions. Not only are we concerned with your needs, but also your wants and dreams for your kitchen. When we are finished with our ‘free estimate’ you will know what you are getting, and that we share your joy and excitement that a new kitchen brings!

Seeing is believing

During the next visit following the free estimate, we will provide you with a 3D model of your new kitchen. You will be able to see your dreams, wants, and needs come to life in this full-scale model, even before demolition begins. The model will be our way of working with you to add improvements to the original design. Together we will have amazing and exciting new ideas and thoughts about how we can bring your kitchen design to the next level.

Our no hassle guarantee

Our goal is to inform you of each step of the process from the time demolish begins to the time when the finishing touches are added. In order to prevent any hassles from occurring, we strategically plan for each step of the project, and keep you informed along the way. This prevents surprises, which is what cause disruptions and hassles.

Temporary kitchen is needed

With our no-hassle guarantee comes no secrets. You will need to set up a temporary kitchen, and we can provide you with suggestions as to what the best options would be. For many families, the dining room is the best option. All you will need is a microwave, a coffee pot, a toaster or toaster oven, and a hot plate. You can also move your current refrigerator into the dining room or purchase a small one to use during the remodeling process. Along with disposable dishes and plasticware, this should be all you need to set up a temporary kitchen.

The hottest trends in Kitchen Remodeling

Each year there are many changes made to kitchens, and typically a particular design item or element emerges as the most popularly chosen aspect of a kitchen remodeling project. Currently, the addition of a kitchen island seems to be the trend. In many cases, a kitchen island will hold a cook top, a sink, and occasionally the dishwasher. Islands are great because they make moving about the kitchen easier, are very convenient, and add a place for the family to gather or little ones to help out in the kitchen. We can help you decide if a kitchen island is right for your family.

Another trend we are seeing in kitchens is the type of window used in order to create different effects. For instance, a garden window can add cottage charm to a kitchen, and provides you with a space to grow both flowers and herbs, which can be used for cooking. We can help you decide which types of windows will work best with your overall kitchen design.

Cost considerations

One of the biggest concerns homeowners have about remodeling any part of their home is the cost. As you have discovered, our core value is being honest with our clients. Our free estimate comes into play here, and is only determined when we know exactly what you are looking for in a new kitchen. We use your vision and combine it with our knowledge and expertise to determine the cost. We use quality sub-contractors and work with them to provide you with realistic timelines for the completion of the project. This includes doing the job right the first time in order to avoid coming back to change or fix something. All of which is done to provide you with a kitchen you will love on a budget that works for you.

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